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About Me

 My name is Adam Naisbitt I am a full time lead photographer at Psyche fashion, in Middlesbrough. At Psyche I photograph stock so that it can be displayed to order online. I also photograph the shop floor, for the social media side of the shop. you can see my work if you follow the link below: 

 I studied at Middlesbrough College. 

Dave Hudspeth inspired me to continue my love of photography and has been a big help to me along the way.

I enjoy most areas of photography I love landscape and low-light photography.

I spent time photographing at The Forum Music Centre in Darlington, taking band photos.

 I have had quite a few photographs published in the Evening Gazette. So keep a look out if you are interested. I hope the photos displayed are enjoyed during your visit, if you see anything you like or would like to comment on please e-mail me at: 
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